Rooted in principles of accountability, safety, and protection of assets, each policy addresses specific facets of the rental process.

Thank you for selecting Get Refurnished Incorporated for your furniture rental needs. To ensure a smooth rental experience, please take a moment to review our rental policies outlined below. These policies become effective upon submission of your order, indicating your agreement to the terms and conditions outlined.

These policies, established by Get Refurnished Incorporated, serve as a comprehensive framework to ensure a mutually beneficial and secure rental experience. Rooted in principles of accountability, safety, and protection of assets, each policy addresses specific facets of the rental process. From payment procedures and inventory management to location restrictions and responsibility delineation, these guidelines are designed to foster transparency, prevent damage, and maintain the quality of rented items.

By enforcing a strict “no pets” and “no smoking” policy, the company aims to preserve the integrity of furnishings, while the requirement for full payment before delivery or pickup ensures timely transactions. The policies also safeguard against unauthorized transfers, encourage responsible handling during possession, and establish clear protocols for reporting damages. Furthermore, provisions for rush orders and cancellation fees protect the company’s operational efficiency and financial stability, emphasizing a commitment to fairness, clarity, and a positive client-company relationship.

Property Conditions

  • Strict “no pets” and “no smoking” policy in homes where our furnishings are located.
  • Non-compliance may render items damaged beyond repair.

Payment and Inventory

  • Orders must be fully paid before the selected pickup or delivery date.
  • Inventory items are not reserved until payment is received in full.
  • All renewals must be paid in advance, or a 20% additional fee may be applied.

Inspection of Order

  • The client ordering should be the person to accept the delivered items and sign their approval.
  • If another person is designated to pick up, accept delivery, or return the order, they are responsible for the inspection.
  • An inspection process allows you to review items for any damage and note it on the delivery pickup and return slip. Our delivery team will photograph any damage.

Return Order Early

  • Contact us when you are ready to return the rental inventory before the expiry of the rental period.
  • Please note that a 5-day advance notice is required for early returns. No rebate is provided on paid fees.

Renewing Your Rental Period

  • A renewal invoice will be sent before your rental period expires with a due date for payment.
  • Payments are due in advance, and if not received by noon on the due date, we will contact you to make arrangements to return the rental inventory.

Insurance Coverage

  • Clients are expected to have insurance coverage for the rental furnishings while in their possession.
  • This includes during your transportation or delivery services from another business and while furnishings are at the property.
  • Clients may request a replacement cost valuation for any order.

Order Changes

  • Changes to processed orders are subject to a 20% fee per affected item.

Location Restrictions

  • Furniture must remain at the address recorded on your file.
  • Transferring inventory to another property is not permitted.

Self Moves

  • Clients may opt to pick up their orders. Arrangements must be made for a specific pickup and return time.
  • Allow five business days’ notice to arrange an appointment with Get ReFurnished to return your self-moved rented inventory.
  • All pickups must accompany client provision of appropriate labour and moving materials to safely transport our items.
  • We are not able to support the pickup service with labour or materials.
  • We reserve the right to refuse client moving methods if not satisfactory.

Responsibility and Liability

  • Homeowners have full financial responsibility for rental furnishings during possession and self transportation.
  • If you are arranging the rental contract on behalf of your client, the homeowner, you should share this information with your client.
  • Get Refurnished reserves the right to have contact information for those responsible for the property.
  • Any damages during the rental period must be photographed and reported immediately.

Smoking and Pets

  • Furniture is strictly not permitted in premises where smoking is allowed or pets are present.
  • Soiling results in full payment and ownership of the damaged item by the client.

Specific Item Handling

  • Beds and box springs must remain in their storage bags.
  • Lampshades must be returned in the provided delivery box.
  • We reserve the right to not allow pick up of some rental items.

Damage and Cleaning

  • Soiling is considered damage, and cleaning or replacement costs are the responsibility of the homeowner and/or renter.
  • Homeowner contact information must be provided when requested.

Return Policies

  • Five business days’ notice is required for the return of inventory whether moved by Get ReFurnished or client self moves.
  • Failure to provide notice may result in automatic renewals and/or emergency fees.

Rush Orders and Emergency Fees

  • Rush orders (within five business days) for returns can be subject to a 20% emergency fee. 
  • Please be aware of your expiries and our request for renewal commitments prior to last minute emergencies.


  • There will be a 50% charge of the total cost (plus tax) for cancellations between 8 and 24 hours of scheduled delivery time.
  • Orders canceled within 8 hours of scheduled delivery time are non-refundable.

Credit Card Details

  • Clients are required to provide credit card details for security purposes.

For additional details, please refer to the Policies and Rental Agreement tab. By submitting your order, you automatically agree to these terms. If you have any inquiries or need assistance, contact us at info@getrefurnished.ca or 613-862-7585.

Thank you for choosing Get Refurnished Incorporated.

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