Q: Where is your store?  I want to see the items before I rent them.

A: Although we are an on-line supplier, we understand the need to view available inventory. Appointments can be made to meet you at our warehouse in Kanata Centrum at Dymon Storage, 110 Didsbury Road (near Canadian Tire).  Please contact us at info@getrefurnished.ca or 613-862-7585 with your available times.


Q: How does your rental system work?

A:  Please visit our “How it works” section.  Please also call 613-862-7585 or email us at info@getrefurnished.ca.


Q:  What do I do if the furniture I rented doesn’t fit in my space?

A:  Please measure your space and make a floor plan prior to renting.  All our inventory is measured and available as part of the description information on our website.  If it is delivered and does not fit, there will be a restocking fee of 20% plus transportation and moving costs.


Q:  What furniture do I rent to make it look good for selling?

A:  If you require assistance in choosing pieces to work with your house, Get ReFurnished has access to stagers who can help you plan your space.  Please contact us for this service at info@getrefurnished.ca.


Q:  Do you have accessories like art, toss cushions and rugs I can rent?

A:  While our primary focus is furniture at this time, we do have higher end accessories available at our warehouse for shopping.  These items are currently not online. Please email us regarding this service at info@getrefurnished.ca or call us at 613-862-7585.


Q:  What are your prices?

A:  Our prices are competitive and all pricing is available on our online catalogue.  From time to time we offer special discounts or incentives.  Our website will promote any of these offers.


Q:  Where do you get your furniture?

A:  We source our furniture locally and from around the world.  We are mindful of price points and the quality of furniture as well as the desire to provide furnishings for a wide range of clients.  We watch trends in interiors and provide a range of styles for all houses.


Q:  How long can I rent the furniture?

A:  You can rent from month to month for as long as you wish.  Payment is due a month in advance.


Q:  How do I pay for the furniture?

A:  You pay on our website using Visa or MasterCard via a PayPal transaction.  You do not need to be a member of PayPal.


Q:  Can I pick up my furniture?

A:  Yes.! Please contact us to schedule your pickup appointment.


Q:  What are your moving costs?

A:  Our moving costs are competitive and based on location, quantity of rental furnishings and/or time required.  Quotes are provided as requested.


Q:  Is there a minimum I have to rent?

A:  No. Be mindful of delivery costs should you only require a couple pieces though.


Q:  I am finished with the furniture, how do I get it back to Get ReFurnished?

A:  If you picked it up or arranged your own delivery please arrange for its 1return.

If we arranged the delivery for you, contact us at 613-862-7585 or info@getrefurnished.ca to arrange pick up.  Your return transportation was paid in advance so no additional charge will occur.


Q:  We have damaged the furniture, what do we do?

A:  Please contact us with details of the damage and send us a picture.  We will determine whether we need to have it repaired on location, brought back for repair or replaced at your expense according to our Terms & Conditions.


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