Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ section—a curated space designed to address your most common queries and provide clear, concise answers. At Get ReFurnished, we understand that navigating through information is crucial for a seamless experience. 

Q. Where is your staging shop?  I want to see the items before I rent them.

A: Although we are an on-line supplier, we understand the need to view available inventory and we welcome visitors to see our beautiful items up close. We are open between 11 am and 4 pm on weekdays.  If you need some personal attention, please consider making an appointment. Our warehouse is at 109 Iber Road, Unit 6 in Stittsville.   If you wish, please contact us at or 613-862-7585 to make an appointment.


Q: How does your rental system work?

A:  All items are detailed on our ecommerce site.  You can find all the information to be able to plan your stage with the information provided.  You can also choose accessory packages and then visit our store to choose your items that make up the accessory package chosen from our large selection.  If you wish to have a visit to see the items in person, we welcome you to come in.  For each item you want, you can add to your cart and then checkout using our ecommerce payment portal.  For planning purposes, we also have a wishlist function you might find helpful.  All wishlist items can be converted to the cart when you are ready to proceed. Please also call 613-862-7585 or email us at with any questions.


Q:  What do I do if the furniture I rented doesn’t fit in my space?

A:  Please measure your space and make a floor plan prior to renting.  All our inventory is measured and available as part of the description information on our website.  If it is delivered and does not fit, there will be a restocking fee of 20% per item plus all transportation and moving costs related to return and/or replace the item(s).


Q:  What furniture do I rent to make it look good for selling?

A:  If you require assistance in choosing pieces to work with your house, Get ReFurnished has stagers who can help you plan your space.  Please contact us for this service at


Q:  Do you have accessories like art, toss cushions and rugs I can rent?

A:  We have a great selection of table top and soft accessories available at our warehouse for shopping.  You can purchase one of our 3 different accessory packages online and come to choose your items from our staging shop.  These items are currently not pictured as inventory online as we have far too many. Please email us regarding this service at or call us at 613-862-7585.


Q:  Do you offer staging services if I need help?

A:  Yes we offer professional services to help clients if they wish.  We have traditional and non traditional stagings services to offer for all needs. Please email us regarding the best service to match your need at or call us at 613-862-7585.


Q:  What are your prices?

A:  Our prices are competitive, and all pricing is available on our online catalogue.  The look you rent is incredibly low from the actual cost of the items.  Most rentals have a value of several thousand dollars and you pay only a fraction of that cost but receive the full value of the look.

From time to time, we offer special discounts or incentives. We do not offer any of these publicly and only to our loyal subscribers.  Subscribe now.


Q:  Where do you get your furniture?

A:  We source our furniture locally, within Canada and from around the world.  We are mindful of price points and the quality of furniture as well as the desire to provide furnishings for a wide range of clients.  We choose to buy better quality and maintain all items to a high standard.  We watch trends in interiors and provide a range of styles for all houses.  We do offer retail sales of some of our items in brand new condition and staging.  Also watch our Sales Shop page for items we are selling.


Q:  How long can I rent the furniture?

A:  You can rent from month to month for as long as you wish.  A month is 30 days.  For renewals, payment must be received in advance of each month and before the pickup date and time is scheduled. If we do not receive your financial commitment by our due date, the return pickup will proceed as scheduled.


Q:  How do I pay for the furniture?

A:  You pay on our website using Visa or MasterCard via a Stripe transaction which is built into our ecommerce site. In our cart system you are also able to send us an etransfer.  You have a limited amount of time to complete the transfer before the order is automatically cancelled.  Renewals are paid via Quickbooks.


Q:  Can I pick up my furniture?

A:  Yes. Please contact us to schedule your pickup appointment. Some items are not to be moved by clients due to the size, type or quality of item.  When picking up the rental furniture please bring all necessary packaging materials and labour.  These items are provided through our delivery service only  and not for client pickups and returns.  When you pick up your rentals, you are fully liable for the items from that point until it is returned by you.  Your pick up date is Day 1 of your rental period. Any damage, not identified at pickup is your responsibility.  Regarding our delivery service, you are only liable while in your possession after we bring it into the house and until we pick it up.


Q:  What are your moving costs?

A:  Our moving costs are competitive and based on location, quantity of rental furnishings and/or time required.  Our moving team is an in-house moving team and rarely do we seek outside moving companies.  We provide a white glove service to our clients and is second to none.  We charge for two moving trips, one to deliver and install and second to come back to pick the order up.


Q:  Is there a minimum I have to rent?

A:  No. Be mindful of delivery costs should you only require a couple pieces though.


Q:  I am finished with the furniture; how do I get it back to Get ReFurnished?

A:  If you picked it up or arranged your own delivery please arrange for its return with your carrier and request an appointment with us so we can receive it.

If we arranged the delivery for you, contact us at 613-862-7585 or to arrange for us to pick up from the delivery location.  Your return transportation was paid in advance so no additional charge will occur.  Please be mindful of our need to plan your moves so you do not incur additional rental costs.  We ask that you give us one week’s notice to work it into our busy schedule.  If we do not receive this amount of advance notice, an emergency cost could be charged.


Q:  We have damaged the furniture, what do we do?

A:  Our priority is always to secure the integrity of your property and will act very quickly to resolve damaged items so that you experience very little down time from the selling process.

Please contact us with details of the damage and send us a picture to  We do consider soiled items as damage.  We will determine whether we need to have it repaired on location, brought back for repair or replaced at your expense according to our Terms & Conditions.


Q:  What is the cancellation policy?

A:  If your must cancel an order within 24 hours of  the scheduled delivery or pickup a charge of 50% of the total cost of the order plus tax will be imposed. If you cancel within 6 hours the order is not refundable.

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